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6/29/2016 Current

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors met on Friday, June 10 to discuss the budget impasse. Since that time, the General Assembly has not met once, and all focus is on passing a potential stopgap budget.  The Board of Directors reiterates the need for a complete and balanced budget for the state of Illinois.  Continued inaction, or half action, would contribute to the unstable and insecure fiscal environment and puts our local schools and businesses at further risk.  

“From our review of the bills that were submitted to the floor of the General Assembly, although worthy in many aspects, there are still a number of businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions who stand to be left without a budget plan from the state on many issues that are critical to their organizations,” said Colin Dalough, Director of Government Affairs and Business Development.


“One example,” Dalough continued, “is Family Shelter Services which is being hurt by the state’s inaction.  They provide shelter to victims of domestic violence.  However, this year they were forced to turn away 1,300 women at their doors, women that they would have helped under last year’s funding.  These are women in desperate need, often fleeing for their life. The state has failed these women over the past eleven months of budget impasse and puts the organizations that serve them at further risk with impasse and stopgaps.”


The Board of Directors believes that continued financial uncertainty is damaging to the entire business climate. “Our mission states, we drive our economy through active engagement and advocacy for our business community,” said Nicki Anderson, President/CEO of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. “Therefore, on behalf of our Members we ask that lawmakers from both sides of the aisle finish the work of the legislative session and pass a complete, balanced budget for our state.  We cannot grow our workforce or our economy with continued financial uncertainty.”

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