Naperville Area Events

Date Event Category
3/5/2008 Destination Springfield     Legislative
1/9/2012 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
2/20/2012 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
3/12/2012 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
3/13/2012 Special Advocacy Briefing: The Illinois Job Agenda, A Status Update with Doug Whitley and Senator Ron Sandack     Legislative
4/9/2012 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
5/14/2012 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
6/11/2012 Legislative Committee Meeting - CANCELLED     Legislative
7/9/2012 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
8/13/2012 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
9/10/2012 Legislative Committee Meeting - CANCELED     Legislative
10/8/2012 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
11/13/2012 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
12/10/2012 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
1/14/2013 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
1/24/2013 Roundtable with Rep. Jeanne Ives     Legislative
2/11/2013 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
2/22/2013 Roundtable with Sen. Linda Holmes     Legislative
3/11/2013 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
3/22/2013 Congressional Briefing Series: Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam     Legislative
4/5/2013 Congressional Briefing Series: Congressman Randy Hultgren     Legislative
4/8/2013 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
4/26/2013 Legislative Roundtable     Legislative
5/13/2013 CANCELED - Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
6/10/2013 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
6/13/2013 Legislative Roundtable Discussion with Dan Cronin     Legislative
7/8/2013 Legislative Committee Meeting: Implementation of the Affordable Care Act and What It Means for Your Business     Legislative
7/19/2013 Legislative Roundtable - RESCHEDULED     Legislative
8/12/2013 Legislative Committee Meeting - RESCHEDULED     Legislative
8/16/2013 Legislative Roundtable: U.S. Congressman Bill Foster     Legislative
8/21/2013 Legislative Committee: Tax Reform Town Hall with Rep. Peter Roskam     Legislative
9/9/2013 Legislative Committee Meeting - A Rebooted Town Hall Debate     Legislative
9/20/2013 Legislative Roundtable with Representative Stephanie Kifowit     Legislative
11/11/2013 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
11/15/2013 Legislative Roundtable with Representative Ron Sandack     Legislative
8/11/2014 Legislative Committee Meeting - Representative Jim Durkin     Legislative
9/8/2014 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
10/13/2014 Canceled - Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
2/9/2015 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
3/9/2015 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
4/1/2015 Export Import Bank Luncheon     Legislative
4/13/2015 Legislative Committee Meeting - Back-to-Business Institute: Workforce Development     Legislative
5/11/2015 Legislative Committee Meeting: Turnaround Agenda Illinois     Legislative
6/8/2015 Legislative Committee Meeting: Local Impact - Crime Free Housing     Legislative
6/9/2015 Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Washington DC Fly-in     Legislative
7/13/2015 Legislative Committee Meeting: Coalition Update - US Chamber of Commerce     Legislative
8/10/2015 Legislative Committee Meeting: Tax Institute - Naperville City Budget     Legislative
9/14/2015 Legislative Committee Meeting: Back-to-Business - Workers Compensation     Legislative
10/2/2015 Legislative Committee Training Sessions - Public Speaking     Legislative
10/2/2015 Legislative Committee Training Sessions - Fundraising     Legislative
10/12/2015 Legislative Committee Meeting: Energy Institute - Cool DuPage/City of Naperville Electrical Rates     Legislative
10/30/2015 Legislative Committee Training Sessions - Developing a Campaign Plan     Legislative
10/30/2015 Legislative Committee Training Sessions - Growing Grassroots     Legislative
11/9/2015 Legislative Committee Meeting: Negative Impact of the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) Fiduciary Rule on Small Business Retirement Plans     Legislative
12/14/2015 Legislative Committee Meeting: Back-to-Business - Minimum Wage     Legislative
1/11/2016 Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
2/8/2016 Legislative Committee Meeting - Illinois' 11th Congressional District Candidates Panel     Legislative
2/19/2016 Breakfast with Congressman Peter Roskam     Legislative
3/2/2016 Destination Springfield     Legislative
3/14/2016 Legislative Committee Meeting - The State of Our State     Legislative
4/11/2016 Legislative Committee Meeting - The State of Our Schools     Legislative
5/9/2016 Legislative Committee Meeting - Business Climate in the U.S. Update     Legislative
6/13/2016 Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Washington DC Fly-in     Legislative
6/13/2016 Legislative Committee Meeting - Department of Labor Overtime Regulation     Legislative
7/11/2016 CANCELED - Legislative Committee Meeting     Legislative
8/8/2016 Legislative Committee Meeting - Illinois Transportation - How are we doing?     Legislative
8/19/2016 Special Legislative Committee Luncheon with U.S. Senator Mark Kirk     Legislative
8/25/2016 Special Luncheon with Hugo Chaviano, Director of the Illinois Department of Labor Hosted by the Batavia Chamber of Commerce     Legislative
8/29/2016 Illinois Business Immigration Coalition: Collar Counties Reasons for Reform     Legislative
9/12/2016 Legislative Committee Meeting - City Signage Modernization     Legislative
10/10/2016 Legislative Committee Meeting - Naperville City Budget and Township Road Sharing Agreement     Legislative
11/14/2016 Legislative Committee Meeting - DOL Overtime Rule Change & Implementation Strategies Workshop     Legislative
12/2/2016 Capital and Financial Markets Workshop     Legislative
12/6/2016 After the Election: Next Steps for Immigration Reform     Legislative
12/12/2016 Legislative Committee Meeting - CANCELED     Legislative
1/9/2017 Legislative Committee - The First 100 Days: A Look at the Agenda for the New Administration     Legislative
2/13/2017 Legislative Forum - A Review of the Parking Summit - CANCELED     Legislative
2/15/2017 Tax Forum with Cocktail Reception     Legislative
3/13/2017 Legislative Forum - City Council Candidate Forum     Legislative
3/14/2017 Destination Springfield     Legislative
4/10/2017 Legislative Forum - CANCELED     Legislative
4/19/2017 Governor Bruce Rauner Luncheon     Legislative
5/8/2017 Legislative Forum - Should Businesses Invest in Solar?     Legislative
6/12/2017 Legislative Forum - CANCELED     Legislative
7/10/2017 Legislative Forum - End of Session Review with House Minority Leader Jim Durkin     Legislative
8/14/2017 Legislative Forum - CANCELED     Legislative
9/10/2017 Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Access D.C.     Legislative
9/18/2017 Legislative Forum - Medical Marijuana Law and Home Rule Sales Tax Proposal     Legislative
9/28/2017 Government Procurement Seminar: Doing Business with the State and Federal Government     Legislative
10/10/2017 Legislative Forum - Ogden Avenue Enhancement Initiative Informational Open House     Legislative
10/18/2017 Illinois Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Forum     Legislative
11/13/2017 Legislative Forum - Fifth Avenue Development     Legislative
12/5/2017 Multi-Chamber Luncheon featuring Governor Bruce Rauner     Legislative
12/11/2017 Legislative Forum - CANCELED     Legislative
1/8/2018 Legislative Forum - Federal Tax Reform     Legislative
3/12/2018 Legislative Forum - RESCHEDULED TO 4/16/18     Legislative
4/11/2018 Chamber Day in Springfield     Legislative
4/16/2018 Legislative Forum - Do TIF Districts Raise Your Property Taxes?     Legislative
5/14/2018 Legislative Forum - Should We Tax Internet Sales?     Legislative
7/9/2018 Legislative Forum - Will Your Business Be Swept Up in the Pension Tsunami?     Legislative
8/22/2018 Legislative Forum - 5th District Roundtable with DuPage County Board     Legislative
9/26/2018 Legislative Forum - Ogden Avenue, What Can We Do?     Legislative
11/28/2018 Legislative Forum - Balancing the Books: A Close Look at the City of Naperville's Budget - CANCELED     Legislative
2/20/2019 SOLD OUT - 2019 Naperville Candidate Mixer     Legislative
3/20/2019 Chamber Day in Springfield     Legislative
4/25/2019 Coffee and Conversation with Rep. Sean Casten     Legislative
6/19/2019 Business Works - After the Dust Settles - How Will the 2019 Illinois Legislative Session Impact Your Business?     Legislative
9/10/2019 Business Works - How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent - City of Naperville 2020 Budget Presentation     Legislative
12/4/2019 Business Works     Legislative

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